Arrived Sandwich, England (May 7)

Totally by accident Marilyn booked us into a B&B in this small town because of its location relative to Canterbury and some coastal cities. So, our first morning we drove to Margate and Ramsgate which, at one time, were popular beach resorts but fell out of mode in the late 20th century (the costas of Spain held more allure). It was a short drive from Sandwich and we enjoyed seeing them but, unfortunately, it was a Sunday afternoon of a Bank Holiday weekend so both towns were very crowded with folks happy to see the beginnings of warmer weather (though it wasn’t warm enough for us to think about beach going!). Since we had discovered what an interesting place Sandwich is, we returned to explore.

It is hard to believe that sleepy little Sandwich was once a port to rival London and was one of the Cinque Ports. In the 16th century the entrance to the harbor silted up and Sandwich spent the next 400 years “retreating into quaint rural obscurity”. Our B&B is in a house parts of which date from the late 1600s. The stairway is steep and narrow, the halls are not more than two feet wide and the doorways are very narrow. It is delightful! Our hosts are wonderful. He is an Irishman (not much younger than we) and she is a much younger Cuban. He has the Irishman’s gift of gab and she has been sharing some Spanish with us.

The front of the B&B and the lovely back garden (M enjoyed the swing one afternoon until the sun deserted her). Hallway from our room to our bathroom (wouldn’t want to be very large!). Breakfast! Plus full English if desired.

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