San Xavier Mission

This is the other mission between Tucson and Nogales.  It is still an active Catholic church and school.  It also dates from the late 1600s and was finished in about 1797.  For more information, click here. It is interesting that shortly before we traveled to Tucson Bob and I worked a jigsaw puzzle of a mission. When we got to Tucson and looked at area attractions on the internet Bob saw this and said it was the puzzle we had done. He was absolutely right! The second picture below looks pretty much exactly like the puzzle. It has a rather distinctive fence in front of the church.

DSC_4694 DSC_4696 DSC_4709 DSC_4717 DSC_4730 DSC_4733 DSC_4750 DSC_4759

These examples of local plants were in the garden of the chapel.

DSC_4710 DSC_4711 DSC_4774 DSC_4775 DSC_4777



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