Rite of Passage for Orr Women

While in Eagle Nest, Bob and Barbara presented the newest Orr woman (Maggie) with a Dos Peso piece. All of the Orr women from Barbara, her daughters and daughters-in-law, and her granddaughters (upon high school graduation) and granddaughters-in-law (upon marriage) have received a gold Dos Peso on a gold chain.  The family joke is that Bob, Sr. purchased these Pesos as a gold investment.  His wife decided one would make a pretty necklace. Then she decided each of her daughters and daughters-in-law should have a pretty necklace. You get the picture.  I think Bob’s investment is somewhat depleted but I know, as one who received a pretty necklace (and almost never takes it off), it is a wonderful tradition.  Here is Grumpy  telling Maggie the history and presenting it to her.IMG_1812 (601x800) IMG_1814 (602x800) IMG_1815 (455x800)

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