The people (English and Welsh) have been WONDERFUL. They are friendly, helpful and, just generally, some of the nicest people we have encountered anywhere.

When we arrived at the Brecon Beacons National Park, a very nice gentleman helped us with the pay and display machine (even to the point of paying for ours – Bob had already paid). He was Welsh, lived not far away his whole life and spent “35 years on my hands and knees in the coal mine”. Appeared hale and hardy and talked about his one trip to Disney World. We decided to charge the car (especially when we found out it was free) so we had some time to kill and went into the little cafe at the visitor center. Tried some cakes (one good, one too dry) and began visiting with a couple (and their dog) who were about our age. The wife, Carol, said her husband, Trevor, would talk to anyone and I explained that he had a willing compatriot in Bob. We laughed (and commiserated) about Trump and Boris Johnson, solved the world’s problems and learned something about the area. The man from the parking area wondered by with his dog and we were all very simpatico. Carol is having knee replacement surgery on Saturday. We wish her a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.

In the bar at the hotel that afternoon there was a gentleman enjoying a beer and he asked us if we were “touring” and where we were going. When he heard, he told us we should visit Tenby. That turned out to be some of the best advice we have had.

In Tenby, Marilyn waited for Bob (who was still climbing) on a bench overlooking the beach and water. Two ladies were sitting at another bench and they struck up a conversation. Both Welsh (but don’t speak it) they told us that we would encounter more Welsh speaking people as we went north. They said, “In fact, if you try to talk to them in English, they will just continue talking to you in Welsh”. They shared about the teaching of Welsh when the older lady was in school and then stopped but now are bringing it back as one of the languages students can elect to take. There are, apparently, starting to be Welsh schools that use both Welsh and English all day.

Everywhere we have been people on the street offer to help us when we look confused or lost. From hotel to restaurant staff, it would be hard to think of one cranky person we have encountered. Incredible!

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