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The Arc de Triomphe sits in the middle of the busiest roundabout in Paris — 12 streets/ avenues enter here in unmarked lanes of apparent utter chaos. The urban myth says that if one has a traffic accident in this roundabout, your insurance will not cover your loss. Our guide suggested that a more likely scenario is that all of the insurance companies have agreed that all accidents in the roundabout will be considered ”no fault” (i.e., pay for your own damages). The traffic here is more congested than anywhere we can remember. The pictures do not capture it.

So many sights. Too many to keep straight. Lots and lots of statuary on buildings, in parks, and on bridges. Gilded statues and domes everywhere one looks. And trees everywhere. We didn’t expect for every boulevard and avenue to be lined with trees on both sides and sometimes in the middle, too. Interestingly, there are no trees along the Avenue de l’Opera because Charles Garnier said there shouldn’t (wouldn’t) be so as not to distract (detract???) from his opera house. You should click here just to see some of the pictures of this opulent building. Apparently, Garnier was quite the arrogant so-and-so. Hope you recognize some of the places in these pictures.

We see these guys everywhere. They don’t seem to have caffeine free diet coke in their machines here.
Think this is Palais Garnier. When the Empress Eugenie said it wasn’t in the style of Louis IV, V or VI, Garnier told her it was Napoleon III. Bet that shut her up.
Not sure if we are looking at the right (conservative) bank or left (liberal) bank of the Seine here.
Marilyn thinks the Eiffel Tower is ugly. Yes, blasphemy!
On bridge leading to Grand Palais. On one side they apparently represent war and on the other, peace.
Hotel des Invalides where Napoleon is entombed. Interesting divide in France about Napoleon. Viewed more favorably before Hitler. Still viewed as extraordinary.
The Louvre was larger than Marilyn realized. Glad we decided not to visit this time. It would take weeks to do it justice.
Flame is supposed to echo that on the Statue of liberty. However, Princess Diana died in the area under this street so flowers people place around it are a tribute to her.
Marilyn was not sure the bus would fit through this entrance to the large area in the center of the Louvre.
Maine-Montparnasse Tower is second only to the Eiffel Tower in height in Paris. It apparently has a restaurant on top with amazing 360 degree views.

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  1. Marilyn is not alone. The Eiffel Tower was controversial even before it was finished. Can’t find the quote, but I remember hearing that Dumas (I think the son) would rendezvous with friends underneath the tower because “It’s the only place in Paris you can’t see the damned thing!”

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