Our Own Little Owl

We are in Clifton Forge, VA and this little guy apparently fell out of a nest at some point. The park folks fed it so it would survive and now it won’t hunt (doesn’t know how??). They tried not feeding it but it would go to RVs in the park and beg and folks would give him things bad for him.  In fact, apparently someone in our site previously stepped out of their RV one morning and the owl practically landed on his head.  Bet that was a surprise.  Now the park folks feed it regularly so it eats right but they can’t get him to hunt.  He comes right down when called.  It is really quite amazing to watch.

DSC_9862 (710x800) DSC_9863 (704x800)

4 thoughts on “Our Own Little Owl

  1. Say, what should people be giving the owl? Last time I was in Muenster (take this with a grain of salt–my German is quite basic) a sign on the Aasee asked the public not to toss bread to the ducks (and perhaps geese, not sure).

    I later thought that someone might make a bundle selling insects, berries, and algae for kids to feed the ducks with.

    1. It is apparently only about 15 weeks old and they are talking about taking it out in the wild, letting it loose, feeding it every other day, then every third, etc. and see if they can get it independent.

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