On to Portrush (May 25)

This day was mostly a drive along the coast. The scenery was spectacular — cliffs, beaches, and fields of sheep (pictures of sheep not included here!).

The little towns we drove through are all different and all the same. Some have remnants of city walls and all have at least two churches.

At several points since Dublin, we have driven along narrow roads where the trees came together to form a tunnel. Reminded us of places in the southern United States.

The houses are immaculately maintained. The flowers are beautiful. Marilyn noticed early that there are even some calla lilies at least as big as those in California.

The towns closer to the water were a little different and more interesting. We saw more castle ruins than we could imagine and passed most with barely a glance. At the Inn on the Coast our room had a water view — if one leaned out far enough to see over the adjacent roofs. The room itself was very nice, although on the third floor (not sure why they didn’t continue the European numbering of ground, first, second, etc.).

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