Old Road Restaurant

Just about every Sunday the family drives to “Old Road” for lunch after church. The Orrs having been doing this for more than 20 years and the staff take very good care of us. Mostly they don’t even need to ask for our order.

Today they didn’t have our usual long table in the back room so we were split. From left front, Randy (brother-in-law), Judy (Rector of the Episcopal Church), Bob, Bob’s dad (Grumpy), Seth (Judy’s husband), and Bob’s sister, Marilyn.
Amazingly enough these pictures were taken by Bob’s greatniece, Sarah (age 8?). From left front William, Calvin, Marilyn, Bob’s sister, Pat, and two friends from church.
While the restaurant is not on the Mescalero Apache reservation, it is surrounded by it and many of the patrons are Native American. So this little bit of Native Amerian memorabilia is typical. Sarah was fascinated by this. Eat your heart out Baby Bjorn.

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