Oban to Glencoe

Marilyn drove for the first time on the “wrong” side of the road and had very few issues. We decided that most of the concerns(?) expressed by the passenger have to do with the fact that the car has no visible front end and it is hard to see out the side window to tell how close we are to the edge of the road.

Glencoe is a glen (narrow valley) of volcanic origin known for it’s scenic beauty. We stopped at the visitors’ center (on our way) to get oriented and then drove up the valley to see the views. Both were well worth the time.

Didn’t know that the Bengalis had explored this area
Reconstruction of a 17th Century house with stone foundation and turf roof.
We’ve said before that we thought the people of Scotland must have been shorter than now. This confirms it for us.
If there is snow in May, what are the winters like?
Views in the valley were/are spectacular. Sometimes you can even see the sound.
If one weren’t afraid of the winters, a house with a big yard and a waterfall might be nice.

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