Oban, Day 1

We arrived at our hotel a little early and discovered folks bowling on a green across the street. We spent a delightful half hour or so with the secretary of the Oban Bowling Club. He took us in the changing rooms to show us the different balls (bowls) and explain some of the rules. Bob actually tried a couple of throws of a bowl. The Scots are soooooo friendly and nice. Everyone sitting around the green watching others bowl spoke to us, asked where we were from, etc.

On to our hotel (actually, a guest house) which was, we think, like staying in a small, boutique hotel. Ian checked us in and showed us around a little. Our room was exquisite with the most gorgeous view of the Firth of Lorn and Kerrera and Mull Islands. Ian told us that an old Obanite told him that if you could not see Mull from Oban, then it is raining. If you can see Mull from Oban, then it is going to rain. And that about sums up our stay in Oban – rain on and off for two days.

The bowling green.
Our hotel was pretty high above town. The building was built in 1873 and they have kept the original cornices. Lovely!
Ate here first day. Cuan means harbor and mor means large or great. Had wonderful haddock fish and chips. The fish is so fresh!
Courtyard back of the guest house.
Azaleas and rhododendrons are blooming everywhere. The rhododendrons are particularly plentiful.

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