On the advice of our son-in-law, Roy, we decided to take a day trip to The Hague to see the famous miniatures depicting famous and/or historical buildings/events in the Netherlands. Roy had visited at about age ten and was very impressed. So were we! Many of the trains, cars, boats, and people actually moved from place to place. For more detail see here.

We remembered the story with a more positive ending.
One-time Post Office in Amsterdam. Now a huge shopping mall, of course.
Trains and trams everywhere.
Also canals.
Wouldn’t be Holland without windmills…
And flood control…
And tulips…
And cheese.

The strangest thing about Madurodam is that there must be twenty buildings with clock towers and not a single one had the correct time!

2 thoughts on “Madurodam

  1. Hiya!!! You met me and Allenna in the train station in, I think, Bruges – we were off to London, you elsewhere. It was a pleasure to chat. Knackering, all this European stuff, and Im convinced Belgium has really bad air for asthmatics (me) though it may have been all the tunnelling and whatnot happening around the station. Enjoyed reading your travelogue. Take care – Vanilla

    1. Vanilla,
      Great to hear from you. You made our wait in Bruges much less intense. I’ve been meaning to visit your web site and send you an invitation to California. This trip has taken a lot out of our 75 year-old bodies. I haven’t forgotten and promise to reply in more detail after we get home.

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