Lexington/Concord (#1)

The young man below gave us a (free) tour of the Lexington Green where, if you remember your history from elementary school (and maybe later) the first skirmish occurred on the fateful opening day of the American Revolution.  Some folks say this is where the “shot heard round the world” was fired (especially if you live in Lexington). Others say it was at the North Bridge in Concord. About 77 militiamen faced several hundred redcoats.  No one knows who fired the first shot or why but 8 militiamen were killed (no redcoats died).  They did slow the redcoats on their march allowing additional time for militiamen to gather in Concord. Seven of the eight who died that morning are buried beneath the monument on the Green.

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Also in Lexington is this wonderful building that housed the first Normal School. We have many teachers/educators in our family and some of them went to Normal schools to learn to be teachers.

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