Last Trip to Town

Oops, tube station closed. A new challenge. Got directions to the appropriate bus but, of course, since these lovely people don’t speak ”American” we went from one bus stop to another where a really lovely man with his daughter in a stroller told us to get on the bus and off when he did and he would give us further directions, which he did. Also, he commented on the fact that people probably don’t speak in an intelligible way for us. We agreed. He had spent 2 years with military health logistics (whatever that is) in San Antonio and congratulated Marilyn on being part of an honorable profession (Bob told him Marilyn is a nurse). Anyway, he directed us to a station nearby to take the DRL train to Waterloo Station which we did. By this time we were quite late for our appointment at the Churchill War Rooms so we took a taxi (Marilyn had wanted to take one of the iconic ”black taxis” in London). They are really quite cool. With the seats directly behind the driver folded up there is room for several pieces of luggage and then the ”back” seats. For most passengers there is no reason to open the ”boot.”

For some reason the down is more terrifying to Marilyn!
These are REALLY long escalators. We live in dread of one failing.

Longer escalators here.

2 thoughts on “Last Trip to Town

  1. Are there no elevators? Are these as long as the escalator in Rosslyn? (Wasn’t it one of the longest?)

    1. Elevators are not as centrally located. For lengths check Google “longest escalators”.

      They just seem longer the older we get😉.

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