Lake Superior, Wisconsin

Today we drove some of the Wisconsin side of Lake Superior. It was different in some ways. We drove out the penisula that ends in the Red Cliff Reservation of the Ojibwa and included a look at the Apostle Islands .

How would you like to get to school in one of these?

Rather clever of Misters Okerstrom and Daly to think of consolidation. They were ahead of their time!

When we reached this area of our trip (some distance down a gravel road) the visitors’ center was closed and nothing told us about this boat, sigh. Storms in 2017 and 2018 did significant damage here from which they are still trying to recover. A pretty little harbor from which one can clearly canoe or kayak in good weather (you probably couldn’t get me past the exit of the harbor – Lake Superior is an intimidating body of water!). The Ojibwa were obviously a courageous and hardy peoples to have lived on the islands.

We had lunch at the Red Cliff Casino (by the window overlooking the lake – lovely) and then drove on to Bayfield which had the main Visitors’ Center for the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Bob had to work to get a picture of the light.

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