Kerrville, TX

Home of Ronnie Bock’s Kerrville RV. We discovered this place on our way from NM to VA when we stopped to see Marilyn’s sister, Betty, in nearby Bourne, TX. We developed some problems with our motorhome and these guys (Winnebago dealer and repairs) were so wonderful. They let us spend the night hooked to their electricity so we did not have to go to an RV park (and spend $30-40). This trip Bob had a list of things he wanted fixed (including new awnings over each of the three slideouts due to leakage when it rained). Many items on the list did not need to be repaired by them but the wonderful gentleman, Kelly, who walked with Bob dealing with the list told Bob how to fix many of the things himself (saving us considerable money, I’m sure). Would highly recommend this place to anyone with an RV needing repairs.

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