Jekyll Island

Some months ago in Boothbay, ME we met a couple in the local grocery store who told us we needed to get to Jekyll Island and say hello to them in the RV campground there during  January or February.  So, it being a foggy but promising day, we drove the 100 miles to see these folks we only met once for 10 minutes!  The RV life is a little strange but very friendly. We actually found them, knocked on their door and they could not have been more gracious about us looking them up.  Also, they were right about the RV park and we may stay there sometime.  So, thanks Pete and Gayle!

If you are interested in knowing more about Jekyll Island (birthplace of the Federal Reserve during the Jekyll Club years), click here.

One thought on “Jekyll Island

  1. We have found most people to be terribly friendly and helpful to newbies. It is one of the things that drew us to it. PLUS, we both grew up in families that traveled!

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