Haymarket by Scandic

The main challenges on this trip have been transportation and lodging. Once we sort of figured out the trains, transportation has been easier. The problem with lodging is not knowing the cities and, therefore, trying to determine what we wanted to be near. Usually Marilyn has tried to keep us fairly close to the central train stations. In Paris, we wanted to be close to the car rental company since we had to get the car before going to Normandy and then return it before spending a few days in Paris. That all worked out quite well (we were only a couple of blocks from the Arc de Triomphe) except for the part about being in a fourth floor walkup. Good exercise! In Hamburg, the Airbnb was chosen more for the 18th floor view of the Elbe River harbor than anything else and Marilyn really enjoyed sitting on the balcony looking at the water. However, when you are up on a hill, you have to figure some going up and down (100 + steps down to where all the restaurants, etc. were and back up). More good exercise. Anyway, we have been pretty lucky since we mostly haven’t known what we were doing.

When we arrived in Stockholm, we were pleased to find the hotel was a reasonable walk from the train station. Scandic is the largest Nordic hotel operator with hotels in six countries. We were surprised to see several all around Stockholm. The hotel is a step up from what Marilyn has been very frugally booking and the room is quite lovely as is the hotel in general. The best part, however, is its location. We are on a square in the Hotorget area of Stockholm and out the door of the hotel are flower and fruit and vegetable vendors on the square every day. It is an area from medieval time in Stockholm and interesting enough that we have included a link here to read more about it. On one side of the square is the Concert Hall where the Nobel Prizes are awarded. It also seems to be tourist central! And have every conceivable type of cuisine very nearby. The Hotorgshalen mentioned in the link means a food market and the one on this square has two floors of all kinds of cuisine. Haven’t had to go far to find dinner!

Entrance to our hotel on the square.
Beautiful fruits and vegetables every day.
Concert Hall on the square.

One thought on “Haymarket by Scandic

  1. Logistics are important. But your sense of exploration is what makes your tour interesting. I think it was John Steinbeck who said the best way to get to know a city is to try to buy something they probably don’t have (this was deep in the past century) and ask at the first shop, then follow their suggestions. With a map in hand, you get to know your way around. Serendipity has its advantages….

    I’d take you two as guides to wherever you’ve been!

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