Grumpy’s Burial

Grumpy was buried today at Ft. Stanton, NM. It was cold but a beautiful day.

The flags were at half-mast for George H.W. Bush who died two days after Grumpy. Seemed so right for them to be like that.
Full honors for a fallen hero!
Bob’s sister, Marilyn, plays the organ for the Episcopal Church. Her colleage and choir director, Sam, kindly played Taps. It was incredibly moving.
Having never attended a military funeral I found it all beautiful. The folding of the flag and presentation to Granny was so well done.
Granny was also presented with the spent shells from the rifle salute.
Bob wanted flowers for everyone to lay on the casket and that was also lovely.
Our daughter, Jennifer, is the oldest of Granny and Grumpy’s seven grandchildren. All but one (living in Scotland) were there.
There are also seven greatgrandchildren. Here are the girls. From left: Rayna, Kate holding Finnie, Sarah and Charlotte.
The girls plus Calvin (left) and William.
Very impresive place.

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