Bob’s dad, whom we all call Grumpy because he never was, died today. He was 92 years young. Two years ago he was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy for esophageal cancer. In June it was discovered that it had spread to his lymph nodes and they told him the average life span at that point is 6 months. We were very fortunate that he was able to continue to live a very full life. Many of the pictures from this summer show him enjoying his children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. What a legacy! He began to fail over the last few weeks, finally spending more of his day in bed but still interacting with us. He was on Hospice and they were able to provide us with medications that smoothed his last 2 weeks. He died at home with his two wonderfully musical daughters singing to him. He was such a blessing to all of us and, while he will be missed terribly, he has left us with so many wonderful memories. RIP, Grumpy.

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