Getting My Tools Dirty!

Bob and I have a rule on the RV (given to us by some experienced RV’ers).  If you take something onto the RV, you lose a point. If you take something off, you get a point.  It has helped us keep down the number of books and other things that we might tend to collect. In April, for my birthday, my kind brother-in-law, John, whose tools Bob had admired, gave me a set just like his.  Wow, 170 pieces. Now I am way behind Bob in points! Then, after we burned up all the brakes and the wheel bearings on the driver’s side of our car, they got MY tools dirty.  The guy fixing our brakes and teaching Bob is a camp host in Eagle Nest and another John-who-can-fix-anything.  Thank you, John, for being there and helping us!  A friend recently suggested I re-gift the tools to Bob for his birthday in September. What a brilliant idea.

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