Ft. Davis Area

Near Alpine, TX is another small town that is named for a nearaby fort (click here).  We did not stop at the fort this time since we have been several times before. Instead we drove a 75 mile loop that took us through changing landscape every few miles.  Sometimes amazingly rocky.

DSC_1884 (800x426) DSC_1893 (800x557)

While across the road from this were the Sawtooth Mountains and a little futher on the stark desert.

DSC_1879 (800x531) DSC_1929 (800x381)

This was a rest stop with bolders that stack in such a way as to produce small caves (we did not try to crawl in any but it was fascinating).

DSC_1913 (800x556) DSC_1922 (629x800)

A road sign informed us that both white and red lava could be seen in one area.  We were not sure we ever saw red lava but this was clearly white (and not something we had ever heard of – where are the geologists when you need one?)

DSC_1903 (800x495)

This loop also took us by the Ft. Davis State Park which is a great camping area and also has this beautiful place to stay – Indian Lodge.  Before they started going to Ruidoso all the time, the senior Orrs loved to camp at Ft. Davis.

DSC_1872 (800x295)

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