Fjords Tour – Day 5

The last day of our Norway tour started with a short ferry ride and involved an intermediate stop. On the way to the ferry Bob got a picture of a boat at a mooring ball. We had seen several over the last few days and were trying to figure out how one got to the boat. Turns out there are two lines (or a big loop) from the shore to the buoy (with the boat) and back to the shore. We think that one can just pull on one of the lines to pull it in and the other to move the boat out.

Little boat.
Bigger boat.
Glassy water. When does the wind blow in Norway? The water has frequently been mirror smooth.

Aboard the ship, Bob just couldn’t figure out what the big boxes on the stern were for. A crew member informed him that we were on an electric ferry and the setup below involved wireless battery charging. What will they come up with next?

Our ferry’s sister ship.
World’s shortest lighthouse?
Boat charging station. Stowed away,
And, in use.
Shore based wireless power recharging the batteries.

Stopped in Vik to see the Hove Church. It is the oldest stone building in the Sogn region. Beautiful inside and out. More here.

No idea why a ship is hanging from the ceiling.

The trip back to Bergen again involved driving over a high mountain pass. This time was a little less traumatic for Bob because the valleys were filled with clouds. If one can’t see down, one is a lot less nervous. We sorta promised ”No more waterfalls”, but this one was just too beautiful not to include.

From below.
From one side of the road.
From above.
And the other.
Last waterfall of the trip — well, that we photographed.

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