Fjords Tour – Day 3

It was a day of mostly waterfalls, including two of the most famous in Norway — Bridal Falls and the Seven Sisters.

Bob has decided that global warming is not the cause of rising sea levels — it has to be all the output of the waterfalls in Norway!

After breakfast, we decided to visit the chocolate factory. It is not a factory in which you can observe the process but the chocolate is made downstairs from the shop where it is sold.

Some really strange fillings – bleu cheese??? But the best hot chocolate Marilyn has ever had (not with bleu cheese).
Looking up at our hotel from the chocolate factory.
Looking back to town from the ferry.

We were a little disappointed that we were not going to see a fjord from the water. Our itinerary from the tour company took care of that by scheduling a 65-minute ferry ride through the Geirangerfjord from Geiranger to Hellesylt. It is arguably the most beautiful fjord in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. More information here. It is considered both a ferry trip and a tour. The ferry was quite nice and had frequent announcements about what we were seeing.

Seven Sisters
Bridal Veil. Bob couldn’t really see why the name. Marilyn thought it was perfect.
We could have gone by car on ”Eagle Road” with eleven switchbacks and 2,000 feet up. Bob would not have liked that!

You can see from the waterfall pictures that there is not anywhere to put a road. That was true through most of the fjord.

How do they get up there???
Ferry going by causes much excitement.
Pretty isolated places.
Marilyn staying in and warm. The ferry had wonderful windows from which to see everything.
Coming into Hellesylt.
This water is roaring down right by the harbor and the picture to the right is just an off-shoot of the larger falls. Wow, the water. How do we get some of this to southwestern and western US???
Tonight’s hotel room is lovely and wonderful for the view.

2 thoughts on “Fjords Tour – Day 3

  1. Looks like lots of beautiful places. Great pictures. Did anyone try the bleu cheese chocolate? How cold was it on the ferry (and in July)?

    1. Check with you later on the chocolate.

      Ferry was cold in the wind, very comfortable in the wind shadow of the boat.

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