Family in NM 2015 #5

Of course you cannot have an Orr NM get together without lunch at Old Road.  It is a beautiful 30 minute drive out to this small Mexican restaurant.  Most of the year the senior Orrs go every Sunday for lunch so they are valued customers.  We had the entire back room and had a great time.

DSC_0612 (800x487) DSC_0603 (800x368) DSC_0599 (800x430) DSC_0593 (800x415)

These guys were all dressed in plaid shirts so they got their own picture.

DSC_0591 (800x559)

While we were there it was time for Ryan’s stitches to come out. I was prepared but had to enlist Rebecca’s younger and steadier hand to help get them out of her brother’s head. John helped with a flashlight. The rest are just spectators.

DSC_0626 (800x510) DSC_0629 (800x712)

Aunt Marilyn took the greatgrandchildren down to see the nearby horses.

DSC_0635 (800x699)

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