Edinburgh to South Queensferry to Leith

After that lovely breakfast, Sara drove us around the area. She pointed out Fettes College which is actually a public (meaning private) high school (prep school). It is the most expensive private school in Scotland at nearly 30,000 pounds per year for day students and 36,500 for boarding students. Wow!

Next we visited the town of South Queensferry (apparently there is a North Queensferry but we didn’t go that far north). The lovely High Street, a block off the Firth of Forth (we love saying that!), has, according to Sara, more ice cream places than anywhere she has ever been. And there were several in one short block. Below are just some sites along High Street and then the bridges – the actual attraction – other than ice cream.

The Forth Rail Bridge was built in 1890 in the wake of the Tay Bridge disaster and was to portray strength and safety to the Victorians.
The Forth Road Bridge, 1964, was the longest outside the US and 4th longest in the world when built. The one behind it is the Queensferry Crossing Bridge, which, at 1.7 miles, was the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world when completed in 2017.
Can you read that date? 1633.

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