Durham, NC 2016

Stopped here to see Bob’s niece, Kristin, and her family.  Kristin built this treehouse/fort for her kids and the patio storage box – both from plans not kits.  I am very impressed! She said the fort probably wouldn’t have gotten done if not for her oldest, Calvin, and a neighbor who kept saying, “that’s never going to be finished.”

DSC_3150 (531x800) DSC_3162 (800x553)

We took the kids to lunch and then to play. I love indoor (cool) playgrounds!

DSC_3155 (532x800) DSC_3157 (531x800)

For dinner, Kristin took us to an area of Durham in which they have converted old tobacco warehouses into shops and restaurants. Very interesting area. i love it when cities reclaim rather than tearing down.  This was nicely done.  Nearby is a theater venue for “Broadway” productions and the Durham Bulls field. The area above the falls is a walkway with shops and restaurants beyond that.

DSC_3176 (800x531) DSC_3181 (800x531) DSC_3183 (800x468) DSC_3190 (800x357)

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