Great Lakes Aquarium

This is a wonderful fresh water aquarium. There is so much hands on for children and clever ideas such as, in the raptors section, areas on the floor that represent the size of different bird’s nests and invite the children to see if they can fit in the nest. Many areas with “can you find” for questions ranging from animal/fish/insect etc. habitats to Native American issues. This exhibit allows children to put small boats through locks between the Great Lakes. What a wonderful way to understand how a lock works.

In this tank, 26 feet deep and water of about 56 degrees F., the divers were cleaning the tank walls and feeding the fish. The diver doing the cleaning used a suction cup at one point to move from one side to the other along the window. I assume to avoid too much flipper action. Marilyn would love this job. Lake Superior’s water is about 48 degrees we were told.

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