Derry to Kiltimagh (May 29)

This drive took us out to the coast road (titled “Wild Atlantic Way”). We began to see the wild rhododendrons (much more about those later) and glimpses of the sea. Unfortunately, Marilyn is not doing any of the driving which means she has to take pictures if we are going to capture anything. She is, admittedly, not a great photographer and does not understand how Bob gets good pictures from the car! Good thing we take digital and can just throw away the bad ones. She must have taken eight or ten of some of the mountains and never got a good one. It doesn’t help that the roads are lined by high bushes and trees and, when those aren’t in the way, there will be some kind of sign or pole – ugh! Anyway, she got a few.

First glimpse of the sea and the cliffs.

Think we had to stop to get this pretty little spot.

This type of tower is seen frequently at local churches.

One of the most frustrating things was trying to capture the massing of wild rhododendrons. They will often be seen all around and over a little hillock of rocks.

Bob stopped the car to get out and take these pictures. Stopping is not always possible on these roads.

The statue and the church give some sense of the size of these plants (and we hadn’t seen anything yet!).

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