Delightful Lady

We had lunch today with Bettye, the grandmother of our niece-in-law, Maggie, in Red River. Bettye lives very remote near the trailhead to Wheller Peak (highest point in NM). Her compound has two houses (the first was built little by little over 50 years with her husband and, after she lost him, by herself). The other house started as a garage but has since been converted into a house for Bettye’s two daughters and their husbands. The compound was the location of John and Maggie’s wedding two years ago this Labor Day.  It is a beautiful spot with the creek flowing behind the houses. (See Camp/Jewel Compound 2016) We had attempted to reach Bettye to arrange lunch but, after being unsuccessful, we decided to just drive up and see if she was available. “Just driving up” is a little more than it sounds like. The last part of the drive is a very unimproved road that limits your speed to about 5 mph. We had a wonderful 4 hour visit with this amazing 89 year old woman.  Hope we have the opportunity for many more.

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