Dawson Mine

Bob is a Dawson on his father’s side so we thought we would go out and see this the day they were having a Dawson mine reunion.  Actually, we don’t know that the Dawsons who owned this mine were any relation to Bob but it is an interesting place.  We had visited the cemetery another time but the mine/ghost town area is only open when they have a reunion (which is mostly families of the miners, not the Dawsons).   This coal mine suffered two disasters, the first in 1913 which killed 263 people (making it the second largest mining disaster in US history).  The second was in 1923 and killed 121 (some the sons of miners lost in the 1913 disaster).  The mine was finally shut down in 1950 but families return every two years for a reunion. The miners were primarily immigrants from Italy, Greece and other European countries as well as Mexico. There were also both white and black Americans.  The family members that come to the reunion are, therefore, a very interestingly diverse ethniciy.  There are few remaining buildings and what is there, as you can see, are declining.

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