Poor Deer and Coal Dust Allergy (Another Poor Dear)

After the derailment on the railroad trip we managed to hit a deer on the way home. We had hung around after most of the others from our group left because we wanted to make sure Bruce and Bridget (from the RV park who had put the trip together) were going to get back to the cars (they were not on our bus and nobody really knew where they were). We waited to be sure the three people who had driven over with them could get back to Eagle Nest. Anyway, when we finally left, a deer darted out from our left just as we pulled onto the highway( so we were not going very fast) and sort of flipped over our hood. The car was drivable (thank goodness) and we finally made it home about midnight (should have been home about 7 pm). We called the insurance people from the roadside (thank goodness for cell phones) and they suggested we call the police which at that hour was the CO highway patrol.  All of that took time!

Bob had not felt well on Wednesday but felt better Thursday for the train trip. When we got home he was complaining about a soreness behind one ear. He was also running a low fever. This continued Friday and I was beginning to debate taking him to the ER in Taos (the fever and soreness on his head made me a little nervous). Saturday morning we asked our friend, retired pediatrician Dave, what he thought. After he checked Bob out and looked at his forehead which by now (and in the sunlight) clearly was red and slightly bumpy, he said he thought Bob was suffering from a contact dermatitis from the coal dust of the train ride. Some antihistamine tablets and cream later he was better but it took him 10 days or more to completely recover from the rash which gradually moved down his face making one eye very swollen and red. Poor guy!

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