Capulin Volcano

Near Raton, NM (where my sister Nancy lives) we visited this dormant volcano from about 1 million years ago.  You can see that the area has had several phases of volcanic activity. This one is a National Park and a fascinating area.  At certain times of the year it has large swarms of migratory butterflies.  Over the summer Ladybugs will cover the trees in one area of the park to the point you can’t see the tree trunks. This volcano was formed from falling and cooling rock rather than a collapsing caldera like many volcanos.  As a result it is cone shaped.  It is a hike of about 105 feet down into the floor (and back up!) during which apparently  Nancy and I found some interesting flora.  As you can see from the view driving  up to the rim, this area is so varied in landscape that you are continually surprised as you drive through it.  The cow was a surprise but he didn’t seem too disturbed by us.

DSC_5810DSC_5791 DSC_5793 DSC_5795DSC_5806DSC_5813

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