Caernarfon Castle (May 22)

This is the largest and most famous of the castles built in north Wales by Edward I to protect the English from the Welsh (and both from outsiders). While never completed, it was the seat of government for North Wales for two centuries and was an immense fortification. See more here. The Tudors had Welsh heritage and, when they came to power it allowed better relations between the English and Welsh and the castle fortifications became less important.

No question the king had the best views. Some of the exhibits were quite good.

The kings as chess pieces.

Interesting sculpture.

Some of these are labeled something like “the hands of the builder”. Wooden ones were made with all the different types of wood used in the castle. Beautiful.

This old lady was definitely not comfortable on the narrow winding stairs (this is one of the straighter sections) and the rope to hold onto.

Clearly this was the better way to go up and down. Marilyn did NOT go down the stairs.

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