Burgos – Day 4

We met Bill and Isa for breakfast after a little bit of misdirection by Bob. Usually Bob knows exactly where everything is and how to get there. On this trip, however, he has not paid as much attention as usual (or is just getting old) so Marilyn has had to pick up the slack. Fortunately, we have one phone that works in Europe and were able to communicate with Bill until we could meet up.

Because we had to wait, we found a place to sit that sold jamon serrano. It costs about $35/kilo for a leg, but it will last for almost three months. We did not purchase any.
Bill, probably communicating on his Apple watch.

After breakfast, Marilyn went back with Isa to the house while Bill and Bob did a quick visit to the interior of the main gate and four churches. A very small museum at the top of the main gate is a museum dedicated to pharmacies. More here.

The Cathedral of St. Mary of Burgos was started in 1221 and finished some two hundred years later. It’s almost as hard to get construction workers in Burgos as it is in New Mexico (little joke for Marilyn Elaine and Granny). More here.

The Iglesia de San Nicolás de Bari is situated next door to the cathedral. The altarpiece is one of the largest in Spain and is also the only one carved from limestone. It is also the church in which Bob’s brother, Bill, and sister-in-law, Isabel, were married in 1978. We were fortunate enough to be there for the wedding and the attending functions. If you’re up for some long, entertaining stories, ask Marilyn about the wedding dinner and/or Bob about the bar-hopping afterwards. More here.

The Iglesia de San Esteban was completed around 1400 near the outer walls of the city and is now a museum of altarpieces.

The Iglesia de San Gil was the last of the churches we visited. Seemed we went from most grand to smallest. All were beautiful in their own way.

After a short rest (much needed, Bob did not remember Burgos being so up and down!), we met Teté, Eugenio, and the Argentinian cousins(?) at a restaurant known for baby lamb (which was delicious). The restaurant is across the street from some of the administrative offices of the University of Burgos. The buildings were once part of an army facility.

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