Burgos – Day 1

The hotel Bill and Isa picked for us is beautiful. It was, at one time, a Jesuit school with high ceilings and a beautiful, very typical, school courtyard. We slept in, after the early flight yesterday, and Bill picked us up and took us for some of the best churros and chocolate we have ever had. The pedestrian avenue along the river at this point has been planted with banana trees creating a delightfully cool micro-climate.

We took advantage of the early coolness to take a short walk. We had only been in Burgos for three or four nights when Bill got married in 1978. Needless to say, we didn’t remember much beyond the 14th century cathedral and the smaller church where Bill and Isa were married. It is a city of about 200,000 people. It feels more like a small town because of all the pedestrian-friendly features in the central city where Bill and Isa live.

Waiting for Bill to take a walk.

These columns are the only remains of an old monastery. Bill and Isabel have some wedding pictures in front of these.
Tree lined walkway along the river.
Chocolate con churros under the banana trees.
Main gate to the old city and the Plaza Mayor.
River Arlanzon.
Texas mosquito in Spain?
Bronze map of the old city.
El Cid from the rear.

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