Bruges by Canal

On our second day in the city, we decided to take a canal boat tour. Glad we did, because we got to see parts of the city we would have missed otherwise. It is really amazing to see buildings older than anything in the United States (gotta give the Native Americans credit, though).

Back side of a church. This is a very Catholic city.
One of thirty-one bridges.
One of seventy-one swans.
Windows look purple from outside, but clear from within.
What a gorgeous city of water. Venice is interesting but this is breathtaking!
Boarded up windows following a “window tax” in a building 400 years old. Nobody likes taxes.
City Hall. BTW, beginning in the UK and everywhere since, we have seen clocks on churches, municipal buildings, etc. (probably 20 or more) and every clock we have seen has had the correct time except one! That seems incredible. In the US, we probably have rarely seen one with the correct time!

One of three hundred and some statues of Madonna and Child.

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