Bobcat Pass 2016

On the way to Red River is Bobcat Pass at 9800 feet elevation. A large outfit there offers horseback riding, ATV rental (snowmobiles in winter), and, several evenings a week, a Cowboy dinner and entertainment. Last night we had ribeyes, baked potato, corn-on-the-cob, beans and amazing biscuits made in dutch ovens set in hot coals with additional coals on top. Wow.  For dessert wonderful cinnamon rolls.  Very good food.  Then Syd Masters and his band (actually only Lonnie who is an amazing guitarist) entertained us with cowboy music.  Very fun evening.

IMG_2188 (800x600) IMG_2193 (662x800)

Practice riding or do the real thing.

IMG_2195 (538x800) IMG_2196 (800x600)

Marilyn has never met a swing (or rocking chair) she doesn’t like.  This one was better than most although it tips back a bit.  Neither David or Bob wanted to swing but they did get into the picture.

IMG_2199 (639x800) IMG_2201 (714x800)

Michael opened the entertainment and his little one came up to “help” at one point.  I’d like to see this little guy in a few years.  He’ll be helping for real!

IMG_2204 (800x753)

Syd Masters and Lonnie. A song written by Syd is now the New Mexico state song.

IMG_2207 (800x446)

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