Hiking in God’s Amazing World

While I worshiped God inside Bob took the opportunity to hike a trail in Douthat State Park that is too long for me at this point (3 1/2 miles). From these pictures you can see that this area is amazingly lush. Ferns, mushrooms (of several different colors), lichens, etc. grow all over one another!  Bob calls that one mushroom Nature’s Birdbath (can you see the water?).

DSC_0126 (531x800) DSC_0136 (531x800) DSC_0138 (532x800) DSC_0140 (800x562) DSC_0191 (532x800) DSC_0192 (800x783)

Bob wondered if mushrooms grow like moss on the north side of the tree.  The GPS on his phone told him this was the south side.

DSC_0123 (531x800)

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