Beetle Mania

As we drove up through the pass on our way to Pagosa Springs almost all of the lodgepole pine trees appeared to be dead (the picture below is just one small area).  Apparently this is from Bark Beetle which is killing trees all over the southwest.  The area of dead trees we saw today went on for miles. So sad.  A fire in this area would spread amazingly fast with this many dead trees. Very scary.


2 thoughts on “Beetle Mania

  1. I’m way behind on your adventures, but love reading about all the wonderful things you see. What a fabulous undertaking! Paige and I are back from our summer trip to Italy and I now have to deal with the reality of her departure in August. It’s exciting for both of us and she can’t wait to go. Keep posting!

  2. Sad about the lodgepole pines. Those beetles will die off when they have killed all the trees. The cycle of life.

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