Beautiful Church

We attended Trinity Episcopal Church (National Historic Site) in Cheneyville, LA this morning.  Beautiful church built in 1860 and completely restored in 1982. Bob took the exterior picture from the road that runs right by the bayou. The baptismal font, pews and chandeliers are among the original furnishings of the church. The rose colored glass in the side windows is the original glass imported from England and no longer available. Attached to the bottom of the pews can be seen a modesty board which was so placed to hide the ankles of the ladies. The chandeliers were originally kerosene but have been converted to electricity. Above the vestibule is the gallery where the slaves sat while attending services. The dominating symbolism is the Holy Trinity. The clover-leaf motif is used in the dual rose shades in the border of the windows, in the ends of the pews, the ornaments of the Bishop’s chair and on the chancel rail.  Services have been held continuously since January 1, 1861. As of 2006 average attendance is approximately 18 persons.   Today there were about 24 very nice, friendly folks.

DSC_5356  DSC_5353 DSC_5350 DSC_5351 DSC_5354 DSC_5346

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