Balmorhea, TX

Well, this place is an experience. We called to make a reservation at the Wall RV Park and the woman who helped us actually lives a couple of hours away. That seemed strange but we continued to the park. Park would be a generous name. This is basically a field, encircled by a fence, with hookups. If you have never been down I-10 across West Texas just visualize what you have seen in western movies of scrub growth, mesquites trees and tumbleweeds and you will have an idea of the area. It is semiarid so not quite desert. The field we were in was basically just weeds. The hookups worked fine and we really didn’t need anything else but it was different. Balmorhea, platted in 1906, got it’s name from it’s founders, Balcom, Morrow and Rhea. Nearby is Balmorhea Lake and, in a slightly different direction, Balmorhea State Park. This is a 1.75 acre spring-fed swimming pool in a 45 acre desert park. We visited it in the last year or two and it is an amazing place in the middle of this desert-like area. When we visited, people were swimming and a scuba diving school from Lubbock, TX (4 hours away) was getting their students some time in a setting deeper than a pool (up to 25 feet with 3.5 million gallons of water that stays between 72 and 76 degrees year-round). Marilyn grew up near Lubbock and will tell you there aren’t a lot of places to scuba dive.

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