Back in NM

We took ten days to travel back to NM. Bob’s sister, Marilyn, lives next door to
Granny and his other sister, Patty (lives in Ohio and had quickly gotten there), were on hand to handle everything (and they did an amazing job!). Don’t think either of them (or their husbands) got much sleep in those ten days. By the time we arrived, Granny had had surgery (some pins and a long bar down her femur) and had arrived at Mescalero Care Center for rehab. Bob’s sister, Patty, had to return to Ohio to host family for Thanksgiving and we were able to free Marilyn to get some rest and go back to her teaching job after Thanksgiving. Granny did amazingly well in rehab and the facility was so good to her and to us. Granny and Grumpy had, for years, gone to the center once a month with a group from church to do the ladies’ nails and help them play bingo so many of the staff knew her and remembered Grumpy. Even the food was good! Granny stayed a the center for about a week and, though she was a little nervous about going home, she was ready for her own bed!

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