Aarhus, Denmark

Before planning our time in Denmark, we realized that we would miss most of Denmark if we just went to Copenhagen. So, we looked at the map and decided if we took the train part-way up the largest part of Denmark (lots of islands but 3 large ones), we would get to see a lot from the train and we could visit a city in this part. We decided on Aarhus because of its location and, after looking at attractions, felt it had enough to be engaging. We were so right.

Aarhus is a very walkable small city. When we went out late on Saturday morning, we found the pedestrian street near the hotel full of people shopping. All the shops along the walkway had reduced merchandise outside the store and everyone was shopping for good buys. The weather was lovely. We walked a short distance to the large department store (Salling) we had been told about. They have built a large rooftop area including a restaurant so we went there for breakfast. The view was amazing.

Bob selected what we were told is a typical Danish breakfast.
This rooftop area was two floors and the 360 degree views were wonderful!
Some places Bob wouldn’t go.

After breakfast we went to the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum (another suggestion from people on the train). It was an interesting museum but people mostly go to walk in the Rainbow Panorama.

Good shot of the Rainbow Panorama from the top of the Salling store.

Not sure what this thing is but it was suspended from the 4th to the 8th floors of the museum.

The city in different hues.
Church just around the corner from our hotel.
Museum also just around the corner from our hotel.
Young people singing and protesting about Ukraine.
Couldn’t wait for Spain. The chocolate machine was broken but the churros were great!
Saturday afternoon along the canal.
Beautiful window in this building that must be a church.

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