Two Harbors, Lake Superior

Here we discovered not only a lighthouse but these ore docks. When we first went exploring in this little town and found this we could not figure out what it is/was. Thank goodness they told us! From the water side you could more clearly see how the boats could come in to be loaded. Bob took several pictures trying to get a clear one of the seagull riding the wind. We walked out to the small lighthouse on the end of the pier and it was windy!

Lake Superior North Shore

Today we drove up the north shore of Lake Superior and I have to say that is one LARGE lake! This is either looking across toward Wisconsin or north toward Canada (I am not sure because there are no landmarks and I don’t know where we were or what direction Bob was facing). There is more color here already than we expected and some of the locals have said it is early and cooler than usual this time of the year (supposed to be 35 tonight).

Duluth, MN

We met some folks in the La Luz, NM, park last winter who were from Duluth and created in us an interest in visiting. Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan were three states the RV has not visited and we are working on the 48. We are in a small park on the Minnesota side of the St. Louis River (border of Minnesota and Wisconin before it empties into Lake Superior). Out our front window is this lovely tree and the river beyond. The park is primarily enhabited by seasonal trailers used by folks to spend the weekend fishing. Each site has a fishing dock and some folks tie up a boat next to the dock. Marilyn watched a couple fishing this evening. They had previously that day and the day before caught a couple of Great Northern and some sturgeon. While Marilyn watched they caught a large catfish which they released. Apparently they don’t eat those.

Pike’s Peak (the other one)

Growing up in Texas with Colorado as our playground we are familiar with Pike’s Peak (and I don’t plan to drive to that one ever again!) Anyway, this was actually the first Pike’s Peak and offered quite the view of the Mississippi River. Apparently Pike suggested this promontory as a good location for a fort. Unfortunately, the powers that be at the time thought it would be better located down on the flat and it turned out Pike was probably right. Where they built it turned out to be very vulnerable to the British as well as the Native Americans, both of whom kept burning it!

Moravia, IA Cemetery

Granny thinks some of the chambers are buried here but we walked most of it and didn’t find any. According to there is a William Chambers buried here but we could not find the grave. We have found the people in Iowa and Nebraska so nice and friendly and the homes, farms, etc. beautifully kept. These are clearly hardworking folk!

Granny’s Birthplace

We also visited Centerville where Granny was born and her father had a shoe store on the square. Not sure what space his store would have occupied but Granny thinks it was 2 or 3 from the end of this side of the square. Just not sure which end.

This is the house Granny lived in some of her time in Centerville. Can you believe she could remember the address!


Bob’s mom, Granny, was born and lived some of her early years in Iowa.

We visited Ottumwa, Moravia and Albia which were near her paternal grandfather’s farm (in south central Iowa). We think the city hall, this hotel, and this church were probably here when she was.

The Durham Museum II

This club car (for those who could afford to travel with a sleeping compartment – there was also a club car for the peons) really took Marilyn back. She grew up in a Santa Fe town in West Texas and traveled by train several times, including a trip from TX to CA when Bob was in language school in Monterey. Bob’s fascination with trains made him a perfect candidate for this museum also.

I could see myself traveling like this!
Every train still needs a caboose!